Prime addresses

Location. Location. Location.

Are you looking for a differentiated, modern and centrally located office space in Belgrade at competitive rates? Are you a thriving, ambitious company in search of a more prominent, notable and easily accessible retail location for your business? Or are you seeking a well-connected industrial property to suit all the specific needs of your manufacturing?

Choosing the right location for your business can have a critical influence on your company’s success. Be the first to revel in your new, strategically positioned business space, enjoy the superior benefits of our properties making it easier to position your company on the market and elevate its reputation. Focus on achieving your business goals and strategic projects knowing that we have the expertise to keep up with expansion plans of your operations.

Instant community

Get Connected.

In the world of business, having the correct connections can seriously enhance your business. Accumulating the right connections and information that will benefit your business can take time and building effective business relationships can take years. To expedite the opportunities business networking can provide we will host networking events. This gives your business an excellent opportunity to showcase and promote your services to other companies and also see what services our other tenants have to offer. If you would like more information on future networking events, get in touch!

Business space designs

Inspired. Creative. Functional.

Everything we do is geared towards helping your business perform at its very best. Nothing should get in the way of your business' ability to thrive. We believe businesses should be given every opportunity to reach their potential. With that in mind we don’t put limits on the type or flexibility of the space you need. 

We employ interior designers who work alongside architectural designers and engineers every step of the way, to provide functional and effective office space planning and design for your business efficiency from pre-design through completion. 

We offer premises with a Core and Shell design, Complete Fit-out plan and Tailored designs to address specific needs of your business.

Core & Shell. 
We recognize a growing demand of businesses for unique and differentiated space designs to show some creative flair, present a positive and motivational environment, and cultivate the company’s values with employees, clients, and visitors. With this idea in mind we offer the Core & Shell space designs. This allows every business to fit out their space to their exact requirements using their own staff or contractors.

Standard Fit-out. 
Our complete Standard fit-out plan offers many opportunities to meet the most demanding business needs flexibly when it comes to space layout designs. Your teams will appreciate all of our signature designs, furnishing materials and amenities.

Our hands-on approach is tailored to creating a space targeted to meet your specific business needs. We are ready to go the extra mile and prepare a complete customized design to meet you and your company’s budget; everything from layout to branding to providing you a superior business space.

Our Services

Care that extends beyond property maintenance.

Our ultimate goal is to provide first class service to all of our customers. We employ a hands-on operational strategy based on Competence, Excellence, and Quality to enable us to maximize operating efficiencies. You will benefit from the detailed systems implemented by our team of carefully trained specialists.  

First class support: 

Dedicated Customer & Property Manager – All our commercial properties are led by a dedicated manager who is on-hand to support our customers with day-to-day issues and create the perfect working environment for business growth. 
Front desk reception – Every business center is fully manned by highly skilled customer service representatives who are willing to provide a comprehensive customer service experience including meeting and greeting, message taking and relaying pertinent information. 

Timely service and property maintenance:
•    Fire protection and safety
Including – Fire risk assessments, Fire doors, Fire extinguishers, Sprinkler systems, Fire alarm systems and smoke and heat detectors.
•    Maintenance
All aspects of ventilation, heating and air conditioning.  Preventative and predictive exterior and interior communication areas maintenance.
•    Periodic statutory testing and inspections
Periodic inspection of your electrical and portable appliances and fixed wiring, emergency lighting and fire protection systems.
•    Security
24/7 secured access control to the building and swipe card into your workspace, CCTV and parking security. 
•    Operational
We provide waste management, cleaning of common areas and pest control as part of our routine inspections.