Reconstruction of the BIGZ business centre is in the final stage

Belgrade 11th of April 2023

The reconstruction of BIGZ is nearing completion, and thus far 80% of the building has been leased. The first tenants will start moving in in July, only one year after the works began, which include the restauration of the facade and a complete redevelopment of the interior, to ensure that the building fulfils all requirements of a modern A-class business centre.

Ongoing works encompass the completion of the façade, including the installation of a modern linear lighting that will adorn the exterior and highlight the contours of this historic building, as well as the replacement of all windows with the total surface of more than 8,000 square meters.

Upon the completion of the exterior, the focus shifts on the interior, where the lobby is being expanded, giving the entrance area an air of grandeur. The works on the central staircase are underway, covering it in massifs of concrete elements and natural stone with modern decorative details. The building will have as many as seven new elevators, and the project finalization will characterize the works on the proprietary fit-out design of office spaces.

The BIGZ building with 11 floors and the total surface of 40,000 square meters, is unique in terms of the area of each floor, spreading across 3,500 square meters. Within each floor, offices of various sizes will be implemented to meet all tenants’ needs. The stylish materialization and an abundance of light create a distinct atmosphere that represents an unexpected fusion of the industrial design and modern elements that bring cosiness and warmth. There will be two restaurants in the business center open to public, one on the ground floor and the other one on the top ninth floor, with an impressive view and a unique roof terrace that will allow visitors to enjoy the view of Belgrade from a remarkable perspective.

The reconstruction of the former largest printing house in the Balkans started in the second quarter of the year 2022. Due to its size and complexity, it represents one of the largest reconstruction projects of a building under the protection of the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade, that has thus far been undertaken.