Kalemegdan Business Centre welcomes its first tenants


The Kalemegdan Business Centre was recently opened for business in downtown Belgrade. With the completion of this impressive project, Belgrade welcomed a prestigious office space at a prime location, which offers businesses a great number of advantages.

Kalemegdan Business Centre is located in lower Dorćol, with impressive view over the Kalemegdan park and Ušće. In addition to the attractive location, superb architecture and inspiring surroundings, this office space provides its residents with an extraordinarily cosy interior and work atmosphere.

Also, all employees and guests have a number of other amenities at their disposal, including a large space with flexible offices, a coworking area, numerous rooms for meetings, conferences and events, a cafeteria, bicycle and car parking, shower facilities and many other conveniences that make a work day easier.

The business centre is also exceptionally well connected with other parts of the city, which is an added benefit for businesspeople, given the complicated logistics of a busy day. This business centre boasts state-of-the-art offices for more than 2,000 people over an area of 21,681 square meters.

Kalemegdan Business Centre has already received its first tenants, opening a new chapter in the life and success of the Belgrade business community.