Humanitarian view from Palata Beograd: Marera Properties donates 358,800 dinars to the Red Cross

Belgrade 12th of May 2021

Belgrade 12th of May 2021 - After more than 40 years, on May 4th and 5th, citizens of Belgrade had a unique opportunity to enjoy the view of the capital from the 22nd floor of Palata Beograd. In addition to the unique view of the city, the event had a humanitarian character. The sum of 179,400 dinars from purchased tickets, Marera Properties, will double and donate to the Red Cross of Belgrade. Thus, a total of 358,800 dinars will be handed over to this institution. Palata Beograd is owned by Marera Properties since September last year and its extensive reconstruction is underway, until end of this year.

"Palata Beograd is one of the most important symbols of the city, so we have enabled citizens to experience the city from its viewpoint after more than 40 years, and at the same time, help the Red Cross of Belgrade in a creative and beautiful way." Easter and May holidays were an ideal time, because in this period people are mostly focused on personal entertainment, and humanitarian organizations face a greater challenge. We are very satisfied with the interest in the event, during these two days, almost 2,000 citizens visited the lookout point. We thank everyone who participated and donated to the Red Cross in providing help for people in need,” said Marija Drakulić Šebez, Marketing Director of Marera Property Management.

Red Cross of Belgrade team was also on site and informed citizens about the actions of voluntary blood donation. Ivana Marisavljević Dašić, Secretary of this institution, pointed that citizens have always greatly supported their actions and programs organized independently or in partnership with responsible companies, such as Marera Properties.

“Marera Properties organized this event to support the programs of the Red cross of Belgrade and showed that if there is a will, there is always a way to show social responsibility. The funds collected in this beautiful two-day adventure will help our organization provide help for those in need, "said Ivana Marisavljević Dašić.

The event was in line with all epidemiological measures, with the obligatory protective masks, disinfections, and proper social distance maintenance.