Belgrade, September 9th, 2020 - One of the biggest commercial real estate companies in Serbia,  Marera Properties, will be the new owner of the high-rise "Belgrade Palace" building, also known as "Beograđanka". After putting together the best proposal at the competitive bidding issued by the City of Belgrade, the daughter company of Marera Properties is currently working on closing the purchase agreement.

The acquisition doesn't include the retail space next to the Palace. Instead, it covers almost 20,000m2 of office spaces within the Belgrade Palace, which enabled Marera Properties Company to establish itself as a leader for renovation and office space renting.

Since 1974, Belgrade Palace hasn't been under any major construction. Marera Properties Company is obliged to finish the work in a time frame of 3 years and invest an additional 8 million euros throughout the process. 

"We're absolutely aware of the fact that Belgrade Palace is one of the landmarks of our capital. With vast experience in the field of reconstruction, which includes numerous restorations of cult architectural edifices, we enthusiastically accept full responsibility for this project. The famous reconstruction of Hala Beko or today's Kalemegdan Business Centre is the most prominent example of our work, which was a mutual project done with the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. Belgrade Palace was once one of the most modern buildings in the country, and we wanted to modernize it again through innovative design and adaptation to modern, contemporary trends in architecture and interior design. Both the city administration and our citizens we'll certainly be proud to see the results", said Milana Srećkov, CEO of Marera Properties Company.

After the reconstruction, Belgrade Palace will open its gates to the business community. The rentiers will have the opportunity to use inviting, conveniently-located office spaces, adapted to modern business concepts which meet the highest standards.