Pobeda Enters Free Zone Agreement

Industrial Park Pobeda Enters the Free Zone Agreement

Belgrade, 03/21/2022

The Free Zone Novi Sad received Government of the Republic of Serbia approval for extending its territory to the location of Industrial park Pobeda, which allows for the favourable conditions for new investments, creation of new jobs, and introduction of tax benefits for export-oriented companies.

“We see accession to the Free Zone as a major business opportunity both for us and all our existing and future lessees. We are certain that in addition to all the benefits that Pobeda is currently offering, the Free Zone will represent a foundation for further improvement of operations and achievement of greater competitive advantage,” says Mile Štrbac, Industrial Asset Class Director at Marera Properties.

More than 200 multinational companies with tens of thousands of employees operate in Serbia’s Free Zones, and their exports make up more than 13% of Serbia’s total exports. Companies operating within the Free Zone are entitled to tax benefits, such as exemption from VAT and customs duties for the import of raw and production materials, export goods, machinery, equipment and construction materials.

“The role and the importance of Free Zones in the economic development of Serbia is great, both on the macro-economic and on the micro-economic level. They allow for conditions for direct foreign investments, increase the chance for products from Serbia to become well established in the international market, and create a favourable business environment,” stated Miloš Pajović, Director of Free Zone Novi Sad.

Pobeda is the only industrial park in the northern part of the country which, in addition to logistical and production capacities, offices storage and office space. Located in the immediate vicinity of Novi Sad, Industrial park Pobeda currently has 110 thousand square meters of production capacities, and 17 hectares of land designated for the construction of new halls. There are 35 established and growing companies operating within the park, whose activities cover the most diverse fields, from processing, to commerce and transportation industry. As of August 2020, Pobeda is a part of the portfolio of Marera Properties, a company engaged in the acquisition, development, leasing and management of commercial real estate properties.