Our company

Our company

We are a real-estate investment company engaged in the acquisition, development, leasing, and management of commercial real-estate.

The company’s current portfolio consists of retail and office properties in Serbia.

Our focus on office properties in prominent locations of Belgrade and our distinctive emphasis on innovative design define us and set us apart from our competitors. With the right direction and investments we effectively acquire and implement complex property renovations which become a showcase of today’s commercial real-estate industry and address the needs of the contemporary local and international business communities in Belgrade. Our office properties provide our clients with excellent facilities, professional services, and flexible solutions at competitive rates. Our strong commitment to quality in offering versatile office space solutions, extensive services and state-of-the-art technology is key to maintaining our prominence in the real estate industry of Serbia.

Our Retail portfolio provides high quality retail and leisure space on existing high foot-traffic locations with best in class services, reflecting modern consumer lifestyles. We provide places to shop, eat and be entertained; places that are convenient with accessible drive connections from local communities. Our Retail assets are aligned to the way people shop and the way retailers arrange their networks. Our Regional center attracts visitors from wider areas for planned trips due to its selection of retail and leisure spaces. It fits into the daily life of communities, providing convenience and accessibility.

We are focused on consistently producing and managing developments which create lasting value to the community. Our executive management team has proven experience in commercial real estate, finance, banking, marketing and business administration. The combined expertise of our team members has provided our company the solid foundation from which we are building a successful enterprise.

Our strategy

Building a compelling strategy and following it to sustainable long-term growth.

Our vision is to anticipate and capitalize on emerging market trends and opportunities while leveraging our expertise and deep market knowledge towards enhancing investment value for our partners.

Our growth strategy 
Our competitive advantage stems from our own strategic positioning, market knowledge, ability to move rapidly when an opportunity presents itself and our wealth of expertise and resources. Coupled with a unique attention to design and astute identification of new growth opportunities, Marera Properties creates best in class developments that achieve financial success for our partners while creating desired properties for customers.


the Right Customer

We have identified our primary customer as growing local and international companies with high ambitions for business growth. With the changes in the economic arena, the profile of the business community and their demands leads to changes in their working and retail space. Our expert team works in close collaboration with the local business community to stay abreast of the ever-changing trends to ensure that each property answers today’s contemporary requirements.

the Key Market

We strongly believe in the growing potential for our business in Belgrade. With the help of the latest economic reforms Serbia is positioned for progressive developmentand is expected to become an economic tiger of South-eastern Europe. The attractiveness of Belgrade as the regional business capital amongst all types of businesses is actively growing and a demand for space will continue.

Building a Balanced and
Differentiated Portfolio

We will further implement a multi-segment strategy targeting a balanced and quality presence in retail and office space market segments, leveraging their potential to improve our business sustainability. We will remain focused on opportunistically acquiring high-potential, unique properties with prime addresses, redeveloping and repositioning them to expand our customer base, while strengthening value and differentiating our portfolio.

Maximizing Each
Property Potential

We strategically position each property to maximize its potential through leasing, marketing and operational management. Our in-house management team works in close collaboration with real-estate brokers on leasing, directing marketing efforts and managing day-to-day operations. In implementing this strategy, we bring added value to our properties, strengthen our customer base, and establish sustainable revenue streams, which translate directly to our investors’ bottom lines.

Our Core Values

Our company’s Core values are defined by:

Our portfolio

Give your business the workspace it needs for maximizing customer traffic, sales, growth and expansion.

Property Name Address Category Total area, m2
Bulevar 28 Boulevard Kralja Aleksandar 28, Belgrade Office 3,283
Bulevar 79 Boulevard Kralja Aleksandar 79, Belgrade Office 3,475
Resavska 31 Resavska 31, Belgrade Office 3,914
Kalemegdan BC Boulevard vojevode Bojovica 8, Belgrade Office 21,681
Staro Sajmiste Zarija Vujosevica 8, New Belgrade Office 1,650
Rimski Sancevi Sentandrejski put 165, Novi Sad Office 2,519
Forum SC Obrenoviceva 42, Nis Office 2,550
M44 Makedonska 44, Belgrade Office 4,203
Bulevar 79 Boulevard Kralja Aleksandar 79, Belgrade Retail 600
Milesevska 31 Milesevska 31, Belgrade Retail 831
Forum SC Obrenoviceva 42, Nis Retail 14,418
M44 Makedonska 44, Belgrade Retail 583
Bulevar oslobođenja Bulevar oslobođenja 60, Novi Sad Office 9,000
Pobeda industrial park Rade Končara 1, Petrovaradin Industrial 75,000
TOTAL 143,707